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It is getting near to end of school year and Academy program transition is scheduled for September 1st, 2018.   We like to give you a heads up to prepare for the transition.


One important thing to note is that current year’s Test Results would not be available in the database after transition. If you need to, we suggest that you generate a single report including all of the basic test results from a class for your record. This report takes just a minute or two to generate. If you want more detailed data, you could go into individual students and print needed information as printout or PDF file.  We have revisited this issue with EPS Academy but unfortunately this is just the way it works.


After transition, all student grades will be incremented by one and classes will remain as they are. Please double check the “do not pre-test” option for your students to ensure they are set to your liking.

New training period begins on first day of school September 4th, 2018.